Introduction to Hanshi M. Troncoso G
Hanshi M Troncoso has been in Martial Arts for more than 35 years, and holds some of the highest ranks in Latin America, not only in Karate, but also in several other branches of Okinawan fighting Arts.
His labor of love has brought him many happy moments in his life, and now, at the zenith of knowledge, he's been busy passing on his experiences to his students, and looking forward to the expansion of his branch of Okinawan Karate Do to other parts of the globe.
A lifetime student of Hanshi Y. Shinzato, he has devoted his life to the study and promotion of the Martial Arts in Chile, and he is now regarded as one of the pioneers of Okinawan Karate in Latin America.
Ku Shin Kai Shorin RyuOrganization, is promoting new avenues for the development of Okinawan Karate Do in Chile, and also to expand the possibilities to other countries worldwide.
Sensei Troncoso has joined forces with other International Organizations for the promotion, development and upholding of traditional Okinawan martial Arts and he is now the Latin American Director of the
Kokusai Butoku Kenkyukai, which is based in Australia.
Two of the leading figures of the Association have decided, together with a panel of experts, to nominate Sensei Troncoso for a title of
Hanshi and a Hachidan rank recognition, which by this date has already been granted.
The Ku Shin KaiSchool of Shorin Ryu is proudly sponsoring International Affiliation to interested parties not only in South America,  but also anywhere in the world, where professionally and ethically inclined karate-ka might be.
This Organization is backed by an array of highly acclaimed Martial Artists worldwide, and it is also supported technically by world known Masters of Okinawan karate-do
All enquiries about Affiliation, seminars and Dojos, should be forwarded directly to Sensei M Troncoso via
Union Internacional de Jiu Jitsu
Kokusai Butoku Kenyukai Association